Different styles and designs can come up slightly differently. 

Getting the fit right is extremely important, a correctly fitting glove means more comfort, more confidence and the most natural contact with the ball.

A glove too tight can put greater stress on the materials and lead to premature wear or even splits, a glove too loose could cause an unnatural grip of the ball. With that said glove fits are a personal preference, some may prefer more space and others a more snug feel (which is why you will see some keepers opt for tighter cuts like 'Negative', or some the looser cuts like 'Flat Palm' or 'Roll Finger').


As a general rule, you measure your goalkeeping gloves from the tip of your middle finger and down to the bottom of your palm. For further accuracy, measure your outer palm to your thumb tip. If your glove arrives and it isn’t quite right or wasn’t what you’re expecting then consult our returns policy for further information.

Goalkeeper glove size guide

Size.                                Range.                                                       Age

4 - 5.                           SMALL BOY.                                                 6 - 8 Years

6 - 7.                           LARGE BOY.                                                 9 - 12 Years

7½ - 8.                       YOUTH/SMALL MAN.                               13+ Years

8½ - 9.                       MEDIUM MAN                                               Senior

9½ - 10.                     LARGE MAN                                                  Senior

10½ - 11                    EXTRA LARGE MAN                                  Senior

11½ - 12                    EXTRA EXTRA LARGE MAN.                  Senior


Please note that the above size guide is based on an average size and therefore should only be used as a basic guide when buying your goalkeeper gloves.